Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets by Werever Products

If your looking for grills and other outdoor appliances for installation into non-combustable masonary outdoor kitchens, we are now your online supply center.                                                               

The  reliable service you've grown to expect, has just gotten better. Werever outdoor products has long prided itself with providing the outdoor kitchen builder with high quality polymer cabinetry.  We've expanded now, to be able to help builders of classic stone and even stucco outdoor kitchens. You can now get brandname quality grills, side burners, charcoal grills, and other products that were not offered before.

We still build the world's finest cabinetry for outdoor kitchens. Not only are they beautiful, they're built to last a lifetime even when exposed to the harshest outdoor environments.

Always if you're interested in our polymer cabinetry please call us and let us design your project for free.  We'll provide a design and no obligation quote for free!